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 buy Xilinx Orcad schematic symbols

 buy Xilinx Orcad schematic symbols

 buy Xilinx Orcad schematic symbols


Detailed Information

- Please read all details about our products, how to pay for them, terms and conditions, and legal disclaimers. Purchase on our site is made on condition of accepting all terms and conditions.

Product Detail 
We strive to sell schematic symbols of complex components with correct pinout labels specified by the manufacturers. Supported third party schematic entry tools are presently limited to Orcad schematic entry tools, but we plan on expanding. Large schematic symbols will have multiple heterogeneous components with pins logically grouped by function and bank. All symbols are viewable before purchase by clicking on 'VIEW', in the part number row and a PDF document will open in a new window. The symbol is pdf viewable by using Adobe reader.

Payment Detail

Symbols can be purchased by using the 'add to cart' button which automatically takes you to your shopping cart with that symbol, and you can buy multiple symbols by clicking on 'continue shopping' or continue on to checkout by accepting terms and conditions and clicking on 'checkout'. You can view what symbols are in your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the 'view cart' tab.


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Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email receipt from PayPal and an email from schematicsymbol.com containing a URL, your user name and password. You will then be able to follow the URL, login and download your file(s). This automated process takes only a short amount of time and your files become available to you almost instantly!

Checkout is handled by Orsilk, the account processor for this site. Your credit card receipt will reflect a purchase from "PayPal (SCH SYM com)".

Download of Files
Files purchased can be downloaded by following the link sent to you in a separate email. MAKE SURE THAT THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU ENTER INTO PAYPAL IS VALID. The auto-generated email will contain a link, a username (your email address), and a generated password for you to use. The file(s) purchased will be available for 10 days or four downloads, whichever expires first.

Terms and conditions
Purchaser agrees to all terms and conditions of sale on this site.

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Site Development Details
Website developed in WAMP environment, is hosted on a VPS Linux server, uses IPN software and PayPal for secure purchases. Let us know if you like what you see, or make suggestions.


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 updates on Xilinx Orcad schematic symbols

Apr 8,2010: complete Spartan6-LX schematic library available for only $49.

Sept 6,2010: complete Spartan6-LXT library available!

Oct. 1, 2011: added Kintex-7 symbols to library.



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